We specialize in custom paint & graphics on all makes and models of cars and motorcycles. We take great pride in our workmanship and use the only the finest quality DuPont paint and House of Colors Paint has to offer. All jobs are cleaned, sanded, and sealed before the first base coat is laid on. We always go the extra distance and take the added steps to prolong the life of your paint job.
Our paint jobs have been seen all throughout New England at shows, and even on the Cover of "Ford Performance Trucks"

As car enthusiast ourselves we take great pride in the restoration of classic cars and bikes. All restorations are stripped down to metal to assure that there is a good base to work with and the everything is the way it is supposed to be. All body work is done with the intent to minimize the amount of body filler used to level the surface via replacement sheet metal and parts. All jobs are sealed before the final base coat and clear coat is applied and whatever graphics or colors you want we can offer.

Powder Coating:
We are looking to become the fastest growing powder coating company in our area. We specialize in custom powder coating for motorcycles, hot rods, car & truck parts, ATV's, marine industrial products, appliances, home fixtures, and all types of metal and even glass.
We have an extremely large assortment of base colors, chromes, and translucent (candy colors). We deliver quality powder coating and sandblasting to meet all your metal finishing needs for your vehicle, business, home,  or specialty item.

Ceramic Coating:
We also offer High heat Ceramic Coating for your hot rod, Car restoration, or custom project. We can hot coat any item you want that needs to withstand temperatures of up to 1,300 F degrees. Our ceramic coating is spayed on and baked up to 700 to 900 degrees for curing and leaves a strong durable finish which not only looks good but it also acts as heat displacement agent. Ceramic coating is actually a better heat displacement agent than using header rap and will lead to cooler exhaust gas temperatures and cooler engine bay temperatures as well.
Our prices are competitive, but are handled on a piece by piece basis.